Who we are

DataStride is a data driven strategic consulting firm with a focus in biopharma. While high quality analytics and research are the foundation, what distinguishes us is our unique combination of expertise, agility and cost-effective solutions.

Our experts include industry veterans who have vast experience across many therapeutic areas such as Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology and Rare Diseases. We also have expertise across analytics and research approaches from secondary data analytics to primary market research and emerging approaches including machine learning. We apply the most suitable approach depending upon client's business issue.

We have a passion for solving complex business problems using data, and continuously innovate to provide the best solutions to our clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to make commercial decision making and operations more effective and efficient by utilizing data, technology, and storytelling.

Our clients

  • In the last one year, we've helped 8 brands with a combined annual revenue of $7B.
  • From designing efficient ways to understand market landscape and patient journey, to effective launch tracking solutions, we provide high quality insights and tools to make critical decisions.
  • The brands we support are at different lifecycle stages with a variety of business challenges – e.g. an early pipeline brand trying to understand the market and customer landscape, a launch brand designing its KPIs and tracking, an established brand launching into a new indication, a brand trying to find new growth opportunities and a late stage brand facing upcoming biosimilar competition.
  • Like our work, our clients are also diverse, from top 10 biopharma to emerging startups.


Meet the Team

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Gagan Bhatia

Founder, Principal

Gagan has 14 years of experience in the biopharma industry. In his previous role at Genentech, he led analytics teams to provide pre-launch and launch decision support for brands in multiple sclerosis, depression, alzheimer's and hemophilia A. Before Genentech, he spent 8 years at ZS leading sales operations and marketing analytics teams. His areas of expertise include strategic analysis for launch planning, sales force strategy, customer analytics including segmentation, incentive compensation and managed care analytics. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, an MS in Eng from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Btech in Eng from IIT Bombay.


Anshuman Lall, PhD

Partner, Advisor

Anshuman is the founder of Predmatic, a data science and AI advisory firm. He has 15+ years of combined experience in scientific computations, machine learning, forecasting, supply chain and statistical modeling. Anshuman has held data science leadership positions in multiple Silicon Valley startups. His experience spans pharma, retail and transportation industries, among others. Anshuman holds a PhD from University of California at Los Angeles and a BTech in Engineering from IIT Bombay.


Umar Akbar, PhD

Partner, Advisor

Umar is a co-founder and CEO of Navinata Health, an innovative digital educational platform for physicians. He has been actively involved in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 15 years with experience spanning Strategy, Sales & Marketing and R&D. After completing his education (BS ChemE, Cornell & PhD ChemE, UC Berkeley), he advised a number of Pharma Brands as a consultant at ZS Associates, Navinata Health and DataStride. His areas of expertise include digital marketing & overall launch strategy, clinical trial design & pipeline strategy, and primary market research (both qual + quant) & analytics expertise spanning a variety of disease areas (eg, oncology, neurology, cardiovascular disease)


Jeremy Smith

Partner, Advisor

Jeremy has 12 years of experience in the biopharma industry spanning roles in process R&D and Commercial. He brings a wealth of experience in forecasting, sales force strategy, and strategic analysis across many pipeline and in-line brands in disease areas such as hemophilia A, SMA, IPF, cystic fibrous, and alzheimer's. He was a Nuclear Engineering Officer in the US Navy before joining Genentech. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Naval Post-graduate School, and a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University.

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