Launch Planning

Launch success highly depends upon performance in the early launch period. Hence, it's critical to thoroughly understand the landscape, devise winning strategies and meticulously execute. Through our long and deep experience in helping launch brands (including blockbusters), we have developed expertise in providing data driven insights to make critical launch decisions.

Some key questions you may ask to plan for a launch:

  • Opportunity size – What is the commercial value of the brand/opportunity?
  • Where to play – What’s the market landscape? What are the leverage points? Which segments to prioritize?
  • How to win –What strategies and tactics should be deployed for commercial success?
  • Launch success measurement – How to measure pre-launch and launch success?

A few examples of solutions we provide:

  • Revenue and expense forecasts
  • Buying process/customer journey
  • Access landscape, payer influence (biopharma specific)
  • Customer segmentation/market map
  • Targeting strategy
  • Sales force strategy (size, structure, incentive compensation)
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Metrics / KPI design
  • Launch tracker design and administration

Growth Planning

Whether in it's initial launch phase or at maturity, you want your brand to maximize it's potential to reach every customer and market that can benefit from it. DataStride provides data insights to help build an optimal growth strategy.

Example business questions include:

  • Growth opportunities – Where to find growth opportunities? How to incorporate learnings from past performance?
  • Drive growth How to re-evaluate strategies and tactics to drive growth?
  • Sales/marketing effectiveness / measurement – How to evaluate sales and marketing tactics effectiveness to support growth?

Example solutions:

  • Adoption, barriers and opportunities
  • Customer segmentation
  • Sales force strategy assessment
  • Marketing mix
  • Targeting strategy
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Promotional effectiveness measurement

Analytics Automaton

DataStride brings a mix of domain expertise and process mindset to create solutions that make data driven decision making agile and efficient, hence saving time for strategic thinking and innovation. Stay tuned for our offerings in development.

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